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The Fall Essentials (Part One)

Fall is all about...being sexy and fly with the option of clothes layering and color building. Let's understand that Fall fashion isn't limited to just boots and a coat. Oh no! The possibilities are limitless! For starters, Fall style and fashion differs from coast to coast. While some states are receiving chilly temperatures and the options to bring out the leather and boots, other states (such as the deep South and California) are still enjoying warm temperatures. So...I've created a "Fall Essentials List (Part 1)" that lists several items that are your neutrals (or basics) for this Fall season to build on, while being able to transition those same pieces into different seasons like Winter and Spring.  Fashion presented by...Style by D. Ni'Cole 11377330_10204137693504411_9049851258969824870_n   First thing is first, The Essentials... 12118995_10204868480413627_1653407693984595478_n Now this season, it's all about the basic (neutrals) that can be added by the method of layering, or coordinating a number of clothing items together for the good of the outfit. Fashion trendsetters have been BLAZING this season with wide brim hats, coats/dusters/belted waterfall jackets, over-the-knee/thigh boots, and bomber jackets. Ripped jeans are classic. They transition from season to season without the fear that they'll go out of style. No! Jeans are essential for any shape, size, and height range! Statement necklaces are VERY popular with the new Fall trends. Choosing one can be a challenge, but I'll help you! Choose the top 3: a gold tone, silver, tone, and one that's totally that WOW! piece filled with stones, feathers, and/or bling! Owning a solid bag is golden for the Fall season. Every bag brand has their signature bag (my favorite is Louis Vuitton) and their more solid (or plain) bag that might have accent tones (gold or silver) with minimum detailing. These types of bags can be given extra BOMB Factor with this season's pom pom accessories and charms! 12106813_10204868479653608_7059458488240446491_n F just isn't for Fashion but Food Colors, as well. This season, you should see A LOT of cranberries, blueberries, caramels, mustards, and plums mixed with your essential list. Don't be afraid of color-blocking with these colors. NEVER think these colors can't be rocked by any skin tone. ALL SKIN TONES LOOK POPPIN' IN THESE SHADES. You just have to figure how light or how dark you can go on the color scheme in order to find your perfect shade for your Fall wardrobe. 12096641_10204868480213622_7886613301149123612_n Nudes...and more nudes BABY! Kim K. made the shades famous but neutrals have ALWAYS been sexy for any woman. With the nude collection, you'll see a great deal of gray/greys, beige/caramel, olive/khaki, mauve/blush, and transparent wear. Do not be afraid of intertwining these colors with your Food Colors, simply because a blue-grey is sexy with a mustard, while olive is super sexy with a cranberry. It's all about knowing how to master this season's hottest trends and vibrant colors. This is just Part 1! We have so much to cover over the next few weeks. For some states, Fall has already arrived, while in others, the warm temperatures are still present. No worries, we'll cover EVERYTHING for you ladies to be FLY and FIERCE, along with your 12115608_10204876210526875_6926432296982786841_n branded hair! Until next time, XOXO -D. Ni'Cole

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