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How to Get Big, Glamorous Curls on Virgin Hair Extensions in Four Easy Steps

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What’s better than big hair? Even bigger hair. Big, bouncy, beautiful curls can instantly make you look glam AF, but what happens when the curls start falling flat?

In this video tutorial, IG beauty @buddy_vaughnn shows us exactly how to get bigger and better curls with a flexi-rod set on three bundles of Yhasi Luxury Hair’s Burmese Glamorous Curl. If you enjoy voluminous hair, using flexi-rods will definitely give you that big, curly look you’re searching for.  Read the instructions below to learn how she did it step-by-step. [embed][/embed]

What You’ll Need

3 Bundles of Burmese Glamorous Curl*

Water bottle


Detangling comb


Leave-in Conditioner*

Step 1 – Begin with dry hair. Flexi rod sets take a long time to dry on wet hair, so to cut the drying period in half, but still get the results we want from doing it on wet hair, slightly dampen the hair.

Step 2 - Fill your water bottle with diluted leave in conditioner or alternatively use a water based product such as a foaming lotion or gel, followed by a cream or butter product, which works as a sealant.

Step 3 – Evenly distribute your product of choice through the virgin hair extensions with a detangling comb. Make sure that your hair is fully detangled, grab a section and then wrap the ends of your hair around the flexi rod and twist the hair from around the rod from bottom to top while twirling your wrist in a circular motion. Secure the flexi rod at the top by bending the top down.

Step 4 – Repeat Step 3 until all of your hair is securely wrapped around a flexi-rod. Allow the hair to dry COMPLETELY (you don’t want to put in all that work to have your hair turn out to be a frizzy mess right?). After the hair is completely dry take the flexi-rods out and enjoy your new look!

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