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What is Spring?

What in the fashionable world is Spring? Isn't it just a season? NO (excuse the language).. Spring is the time of the year that fashionistas worldwide can come together and showcase one thing: our Spring fashion. Now, I've been known to showcase a few Spring items like colorful blazers, bold prints, and big dresses that I found to be very prolific when it came down to me attending events and being able to be my FABULOUS self. Unlike the summer when less is actually best, the Spring presents itself with much more comfortable weather to layer clothing and experiment better with an array of styling options. However, I understand if you're needing visual to show you exactly what I'm saying.


When I asked, "What is Spring," I was referring to fashion. What exactly is it about the months of mid March to the end of June that causes Vogue, fashion designers, and fashion social media to be in an uproar? I'll tell you a minute! I'm not sure if anyone of you remembers the movie, "Sex & the City," but Carrie Bradshaw said it the best when she referred to Fashion Week was a time during Spring where women left the previous year behind to focus on the more fashion forward and amazing style to come, showcased during Spring! Spring is actually the calendar kickoff for fashion. First Spring, then Fall. That's why Spring is such a big deal to help roll out the further months of September to December, Fall fashion.

OK...Let's get into the Visuals.

Neutrals and Khaki


I totally stole this from @thenuvogue on Instagram. But she TOTALLY gets my drift when I say neutral or khaki. I love how she kept each look simple yet EDGY. Now, believe it or not, neutrals are a year-round ordeal. The color is still PERFECT for the Spring and it's just plain on sexy...!

FullSizeRender-28I decided to create looks that I felt could help bring that "neutral" tone in. For the look on the right, the denim overalls are paired with crisp oxford shirt, khaki floppy hat, and khaki sandals. The Birkin bag makes the look POP.

The look on left is a simple knotted shirt added with khaki jeans. Now, the look POPs with the leopard clutch and grey sandals. Very simple, yet sexy! The vibe that we're going for!'re going to have wait for the other visuals. I can't give it all the way in one take!

Until next time...

Fashionably Signing Off,

D. Ni'Cole

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