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Faux My Fur

12299242_10205074913174317_314019183421000538_n Yes, yes, and MORE yes with faux fur this winter season. It's officially December and cold weather will start to come in day by day, if it already hasn't. However, cold weather doesn't stop anything with true fashion and style. This Winter season brings out fur more than ever. Now, if you're the sophisticated lady with authentic fur items in your closet, well honey you're on it. But those divas on a budget, faux fur is in! We all have seen furs pop up in poncho form, vest form, throw form, and coat form. All of it is extra sexy and very feminine. 12346571_10205074913454324_1687933346936096704_n With this first look, featuring Kim Kardashian, a fur coat is accented with olive fedora/wide brim and chocolate Hermes Birkin. Very sexy and chic. Fedora/Wide Brim hats are very HOT this season, especially worn with bone straight hair, similar to the Laotian Extensions sold with the Yhasi hair brand! This is look is achievable for any woman on the go. Adding a nice pair of dark denim or black denim jeans, with either a long sleeve top/turtleneck, fur vest or coat along with a wide brim hat and bag, allow the diva to be expressed! With this look, go for gold accessories such a chunky bracelets, earrings, and rings. Your body will thank you.  


This is my version of this look accented with a powder/carolina blue and black. This look is accented with platinum and diamond accessories. Perfect winter tones.


Oh, how I love Ciara in her fur vest and denim or denim. Let's not forget how classic and sexy denim or denim is. Denim on denim can be versatile in such a way that wearing pumps, flats, or boots with a fur vest can truly make an amazing fit. Don't forget to make sure that hair is on point ladies.


I thought these inspirations would be awesome for your ladies to mimic. When shopping this Winter season, go for boots, sexy jeans, and FAUX FUR BABY! Your closet will thank you!

Until next time, you ladies stay FAB, FIERCE, and rocking' with Yhasi!

Signing Off,

D. Ni'Cole


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