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Fall Skincare Routine

During the fall, transitioning into the winter months your skin begins to experience major changes. Speaking for all the dry-faced girls, we have to work super hard to keep our skin properly moisturized. My routine is the same, but my products tend to change. Listed below are the products i'm currently using:
  1. Remove makeup- using a Neutrogena hydrating makeup remover cleansing wipe ($7-8) or the 'Makeup-Eraser' ($20)
  2. Cleanse- using Neutrogena Oil Free Acne cleanser ($6-8)
  3. Moisturize using Ponds Dry Skin Cream (must have!) ($5-7)
The combination of these products together works wonders for my skin. I rarely break out and I owe that to being consistent with my routine, drinking plenty of water, and cleaning my makeup brushes regularly. Just a tip, it's good to give your face a break from makeup (depending on how often you wear it). It tends to get clogged in your pores if you're not cleansing your face good enough. 1 day a week with no makeup should be the minimum. neutrogena face wash Makeup Eraser Neutrogena wipesPonds Cream If you try any of the products leave a comment sharing your experience!

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